Home Inspection Services for Buyers

Purchasing a home may be the single largest investment you ever make. An MHI home inspection will provide a comprehensive, impartial, written evaluation on the condition of the home and the functioning major elements within the home. All home inspection services are conducted following recognized home inspection industry standards.

Duration of the inspection for an average sized home typically ranges between 2 and 3 hours. Attending the home inspection is highly recommended. Aside from the written report documenting the condition of each element, the purchaser will also receive information regarding maintenance and potential upcoming repair/replacement projections as well as the opportunity to have any questions answered.

  • Considered a standard home inspection
  • Provides an unbiased evaluation of the condition of all elements in a home
  • Gives a comfort level for the purchase decision
  • Identifies the repairs and investments that will be required during ownership
  • Reduces the discovery of surprise issues after the purchase
  • Allows the potential purchaser 2-3 hours to get comfortable with the home

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