Home Inspection Services for Sellers

As home inspection services become the standard of practice for potential buyers, having the home inspected by the seller is being realized as a valuable tool. A pre-listing inspection will help clarify the condition of the individual elements and that will help determine a fair listing price for the home.

The pre-listing inspection can also help to avoid surprises that can arise upon the completion of the purchaser’s home inspection. Minor defects can be easily remedied to improve the condition of the home and illustrate to potential buyers the home owner’s commitment to high standards.

More substantial requirements found in the pre-listing inspection can either be upgraded or estimates can be obtained for work required. This will help limit negotiations for elements that are nearing the end of their design life or in need of replacement.

  • Learn the true condition of the home you are selling
  • Establish a fair price considering the condition of all elements
  • Repair minor defects to limit the number of negotiating items
  • Obtain quotes for larger items to limit aggressive price adjustments
  • Help prevent last minute surprises when the buyer has their inspection
  • Expedite the selling process

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