Home Inspection Services

Our home inspection services in Windsor, Ontario are for both buyers and sellers and include:

Roof and Attic – The roof inspection will include the roof covering and visible flashing as well as any skylights, chimneys, gutters, and downspouts, to determine condition. There will also be an evaluation of roof structure, insulation & ventilation as viewed from the attic.

Exterior Elements – All readily accessible wall covering, windows, doors, porches, decks, and stairways will be inspected for condition. Also walkways, driveways and general grading will be assessed as it pertains to the structure.

Foundation and Substructure – Accessible load-bearing members and other major structural components found in basements and crawlspaces will be inspected – including the visible foundation, floor slabs, and floor framing – to determine their condition.

Interior Elements – The inspection of the interior will include an assessment of the condition of accessible attic areas, stairways, and all visible walls, ceilings, and floors throughout the house. Smoke detectors will be tested and the absence of smoke detectors will be reported.

Central Heating System – The home’s heating system(s), including the heating unit and associated fuel-supply and venting components, as well as visible portions of the distribution system, will be inspected to determine condition and operability.

Central Cooling System – The home’s central air conditioning system(s), including visible components of the distribution system and built-in wall units, will be inspected, weather permitting, to determine condition and function.

Interior Plumbing System – All visible components of the water supply, identification of material used for distribution, and waste systems condition and functional flow. Underground sewer condition is not accessible, nor inspected.

Interior Electrical System – The accessible components of the electrical system, including the service panels and exposed wiring will be inspected. A representative number of fixtures, switches, and receptacles will also be inspected for function.

Built-In Kitchen Appliances – Major built-in kitchen appliances (including ovens, ranges, cooktops, and dishwashers) will be inspected for condition and operation.

Garage – Slab, walls, ceilings, entry, firewall, garage door openers, electrical and roof are inspected, operated and reported.

And Much More…….

Plus, see all the components of the house your normally never get to see. Our report is complete with pictures taken throughout the inspection including the roof, attic, crawl space and other hard to see areas.

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